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We're in Italy!!!!! <3

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lines, lines and more lines

I'm at the airport waiting to board. I usually love jfk but this airline is just ridiculous. First, it didn't have kiosks to just check in at, so I had to wait on the line, which was 2 lines. The first was for them to check our passports. After passing that test, I was directed to a second line that I had to wait on to actually check in. Then I went downstairs to wait on the security line and after they checked my passport there, I had to wait on another line leading up to the xray belts. Seriously? There is not a faster way to do this?

I have a layover in Madrid so a lot of the people on this first flight speak fluent spanish. Everyone around me was talking in it and I was one of 3 people I saw with American passports. After I showed someone my ticket they even said "gracias" after handing it back to me. I guess I blend in.

Also, I'm pretty sure I just saw one of the comics from Last Comic Standing. I found it funny that no one would even give this guy a second look and I'm star struck. I need to find a friend who is as intensely into comedy as I am.

Okay I'm going to read for the hour I have left until my flight! I miss everyone already. Happy birthday in 4 hours amanda marie!

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it begins....

sunny 98 °F

Just left amandas party :( but I'm on my way to the airport!! So excited for this adventure to begin!

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